Diane Terry-Lee, RMT
Member of CNBMT & MARA
Email: dterry@rogers.com

Diane Terry-Lee Massage Therapy

Research has proven that Massage Therapy is a safe and effective way to maintain optimum health. The results of research studies can be found on the links page.

Massage can help maintain good muscle tone, flexibility, and help correct muscular injuries. Massage can also help reduce the harmful affects of stress on your body.

Massage Therapy is preventative health care and proactive healthcare. Massage is effective for people of all ages and at any stage of life, from birth to paliative care.

Many different pathologies can be treated with the techniques I use and a treatment plan will be developed to help you achieve your goals.

Wheelchair accessible

The clinic is wheelchair accessible, it is on the groud floor of the Chestnut Complex. Home visits can be arranged for people who cannot leave their homes.

Health Plans

Massage therapy is covered by extended health care plans.

Now Available! On-line billing with some plans.

Accident Claims

Direct billing for accident claims available. Personal consideration available on treatment prices.

Treatment Costs

  • 1 hour Please Call
  • 45 min Please Call
  • 30 min Please Call

For more information or to book an appointment
call: 476-1515
or email: dterry@rogers.com

Dianne Terry-Lee RMT

Massage not only feels good, it is good for you. People of all ages benefit from Massage Therapy.